10 Amazing facts about the world you may not know

This beautiful world is full of amazing things and mysteries. Thanks to internet which is enabling us to explore the unseen right from our home. Here we’ve compiled some  unbelievable amazing facts about the world, you may not have known before. 1. Panama is the only place in

Evergreen Bollywood songs in new style (Funny Video)

We always have been a fan of those blockbuster Bollywood songs. Here are three girls sitting in a car presenting some super hit Hindi movie songs in a new ‘Full of Masti’ style. Watch out this very Mast-Mast funny video –

The 14 Super Funny Cricket Pictures and Memes

Cricket is not only the No. 1 sport but also No. 1 source of entertainment in India. From youngsters to senior citizens, everyone just loves cricket. Here I’ve collected some funny cricket pictures and memes from the internet which will not only entertain you, but I am

Cricket Jokes in Bollywood Dialogue style

What would happen on the ground if Bollywood stars play Cricket ? Some very funny Cricket jokes in Bollywood dialogue style – Amitabh Bachchan :- Ham jahaa’n khade hote hain, Crease vahi se shuru hoti hai … ******** Shashi Kapoor :- Bhai, tum catch dete ho ya

Funny One-liners written behind the trucks in India (15 photos)

In India, its hard to find a truck that does not have something funny and humorous line written on it’s back. When you read these messages,  you can’t help smiling. Here is a compilation of 15 such very funny, humorous and witty one-liners, that can be seen most

मोदी ने अपने 3 साल के फैन से मिलने के लिए रोकी कार (Video)

प्रधानमन्त्री मोदी को लोग यूँ ही प्यार नहीं करते … दरअसल उनमें वो बात है कि लोग उन्हें प्यार करने को मजबूर हो जाते हैं. ऐसा ही एक वाकया उनकी सिडनी यात्रा के दौरान देखने को मिला. जब मोदी का काफिला सिडनी की सड़कों से गुज़र रहा

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actors of 2015-16

Bollywood is one of the highest paying industry in the Asia for actors. Certain stars are considered as icons all over the world and Bollywood is also sometimes known by their names alone no matter how big the industry is. Here is the list of the top 10

10 Funny men hairstyles no normal guy would want to adopt

Some people just go crazy when it comes to look different from others. Getting funny haircut is a part of that craziness.  Here I’ve compiled some weird, crazy but funny hairstyle photos of men that, I think, no normal guy would like to adopt on his head.

10 Images reflecting the true mind state of our society

These images, created by ScrolDroll and The Logical Indian, reflect the original thinking process of so-called educated and modern Indian society.  Pictures are actually the illustration of our dual standards, we often show towards the happenings and things of our everyday life. Take these illustrations as mirror, and

10 New Funny ‘Dekh Bhai’ Trolls n Jokes

‘Dekh Bhai’ is the new way of saying things in a funny manner which is going very popular on the internet. Hundreds of ‘Dekh Bhai’ jokes and memes have already gone viral and many more are coming daily. Here we’ve compiled some best trolls among of  them for