15 Funniest DEKH BHAI Memes Jokes to Make You LOL

Hello readers, Whats up guys. What?? Felling Bored!! Ohhooo… Ok cool, now we are here to make you laugh hard. Here are top 15 Dekh Bhai memes jokes that will make your day. 1. Engineer Rocks… 2. Exam Time… No Facebook… No WhatsApp… No DP. 3. Ab

15 rare photographs from Indian history

On the occasion of this Republic day, we’ve come up with some rare photographs from the history of India, you might not have seen before. 1. Every Indian feel proud on being a citizen of the country where Swami Vivekananda born. This photograph is from the Parliament of

Indian politicians doing “PK” things

After watching PK, some top Indian politicians got inspired and trying to do things in the way Amir Khan did in the movie. 1. Kejriwal showing how to dance like PK 2. Amit Shah trying to read Modi’s mind 3. Rahul Gandhi asking village women that whether they

8 funny photos just to make your day

Feeling bored ? Just have a look at these photos and you can’t help smiling – 1. Creative way of riding a scooter 2. Curious PK fan 3. Desi way of cooling 4. One office, Two jobs 5. Such an innocent woman 6. King visiting the city

10 Ever young bollywood celebrities for whom age is just a number

Nobody wants his/her youthfulness go away. It’s the only thing everyone want’s to live with forever. Unfortunately, it is not possible for most of us to remain our youthfulness for a longer period. However, there are some bollywood celebrities who not only managed to keep ageing signs

Funny Memes Jokes on Virat-Anushka’s Relationship

Funny jokes on Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma love story. Hilarious Picture Jokes (Memes) on Kohli-Anushka relationship. The Virat-Anushka love story is now no longer a secret to the nation and the good thing is that we all loving it. Too many funny jokes and memes based on

10 Funniest New Year Resolutions Jokes

Hello readers, how are you guys? First of all I wanna tell you that in 2014 by mistake if any of our thing/post offend you and it hurted you then again be ready for the same….. It’s only the year change not us. Don’t be serious guys,

Funny Picture Jokes on India v/s Aus Test Series

For mostly every Indian cricket lover the day team India loses any match become the sad day of his life. If you tell that cricket is a religion in India then I say No. For me cricket is not a religion, it is bigger than religion we

Funny traffic rules in India

So, what those traffic signal lights on the crossroads means for us Indians and for the rest of the world – Traffic signal meaning for the rest of the world : Green - go Yellow - go safe Red - stop Traffic signal meaning in India :