This is where “Women Empowerment” is really needed

We hear a lot about the condition of women in our society on a daily basis. However, the things do not seem improving as the worry is shown.  We need to fix the small issues, before talking about the big ones. Here is a round-up of some little common

14 Damn perfectly clicked photos hard to believe are real

Here we’ve collected some more photos which are so perfectly timed that it would be hard for you to believe are real. And off course, we never forget the fun aspect of the content while choosing it to publish on our site, so rest assured that you will find these

Here is how God fulfils the wish

The God’s way of fulfilling the wish :-  भगवान: क्या चाहिए तुझे? भक्त : एक नौकरी, पैसो से भरा कमरा, सुकून की नींद और गर्मी से छुटकारा … . . . . . . . . भगवान : तथास्तु !!! (नीचे देखिये)  

South Africa’s cricketers got a “Hero Welcome” in Johannesburg

While Indian fans were busy in showing their disappointment for Team India after losing Semi-Final Match against Australia and exit from World Cup Tournament, South African fans gave their cricketers a “Hero Welcome” on their arrival in Johannesburg. While Indians were busy in making jokes and giving cheep statements

10 touching pictures that left the world in tears

” A picture is worth a thousand words “. It’s a known fact that images are more powerful than words. Just one look at these images will make you realize how much one single image can convey a thousand meanings and even a thousand more words. These

Funny Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma Meme Joke

Anushka– Tum kese kar lete ho ye sab… Virat– Kya?? Anushka– Batting karte karte bhi mujhse online chat kaise kar lete ho tum? . . . Virat– (BC Rohit.. Ab maar khaega… Saala sudhrega nahi)

Funny answers Indian students have ever written in exams

Now a days students have chanced their arm with entertaining answers to exam questions to try and appeal to their teachers funny side. Till now, we’ve seen many Indian kids troll their teachers with incredibly witty answers in their exams and also their teachers reply with equally awesome

10 Hit Memes Jokes of Aamir-Hirani’s PK

PK – The most entertaining and controversial movie of 2014. It is also the biggest Bollywood movie in terms of Boxoffice collection. Here I collected 10 very funny, logical and interesting memes jokes of Aamir-Hirani’s PK. 1. Sunny Leone in PK Movie?? 2. That Awkward Moment when your Battakh