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20 Very Hilarious Memes/Picture Jokes On Rajnikanth

Superstar Rajnikanth has a larger than life presence on the screen and that also includes the cyberspace. On the internet there are tons of hilarious jokes and memes based on Rajnikanth are available. Here I collected 20 too funny and entertaining picture jokes that will definitely make

12 Funny Pictures (Memes) On Boys V/s Girls Jokes

Here I collected some very funny and entertaining Picture Jokes/Memes based on funny activities and  habits of boys and girls. Enjoy these too hilarious memes and if these memes make you laugh then don’t forget to share them with your buddies. 1. Definition of Boys & Girls..

15 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster Strikes

OMG! What a perfect timing. Here I collected some perfectly timed photos taken right before disaster strikes. These pictures are hilarious, painful, terrifying, sometimes beautiful, here is a collection of moments that only a camera could capture. After seeing these pictures one thing I understand that when

8 Pictures That Prove Modi Loves Camera

We all know about Narendra Modi’s love for India. He proved it by his actions in his short tenure of Prime Ministership. He started many plans & schemes like Make in India, Jan Dhan Yojna, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan etc. for the welfare of the country. Though, in

11 Hilarious Comedy Nights With Kapil Jokes (Memes)

Comedy Nights with Kapil is an Indian sketch comedy show hosted by Kapil Sharma an stand-up comedian, TV anchor and singer. He hosts magazine interviews in his show Comedy Nights with Kapil with various Indian celebs who usually appear to promote their latest films in this comedy-focused talk show. Here

Things To Learn From SRK Movies

Funny things to learn from Shahrukh Khan’s (SRK) movies– 1. Mohabbatain >> Principal Ki Beti Se Pyar 2. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna >> Doosre ki Biwi Se Pyar 3. Chamatkar >> Bhoot Ki Beti Se Pyar 4. Kal Ho Na Ho >> Padosi Ki Beti Se Pyar

10 Funny Pictures (Memes) Of Rahul Gandhi

For India, 2013 to March of 2014 was the time full of political action and drama. Tons of jokes and memes based on Indian political leaders were shared over the internet during this period. Here I have selected 10 very funny memes of Rahul Gandhi which was

Aajkal Ke Bacche (Part: 2)

Ek Harami Bachche Se Kisine Sawal kiya . . Billi Puchh Q Hilati Hai .?? . . Bachche Ne Itminan Se Jawab Diya- . . ” Is liye Ki Puch Billi Ki Hai Tere Baap Ki Nahi ” !!