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6 Hilarious Jokes On Kaminey Friends

A Good Friend would offer you an umbrella in the rain, but a Best Friend would steal yours and say “Chal be sale, bhaag yanha se..” It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ” Bhai

10 Very Funny Jokes on Today’s Naughty Kids

Hello guys, today I collected 10 too funny and hilarious jokes on naughty kids. After reading these jokes you will realize that these kids are Chulbul Panday (Salman Khan) type. They are funny, naughty, dangerous, rowdy and dabangg. 1. Rang Gora Karne Wali Cream Dukandar se Chota

5 Fresh New Hilarious Hindi Jokes

Are you getting bored? If yes then don’t worry now I’m here to entertain you. Here I collected 5 fresh new hindi jokes that will make your day. I’m sure that these funny hindi jokes will make you laugh. 1. Aap To Bahut Hi Khoobsurat Hai…! 2.

4 New fresh Hindi jokes on Husband Wife / Married Life

There are hundreds of jokes out there created on the husband-wife or married life relationships. Here I have curated 4 fresh Husband-wife / Love Hindi jokes from them for your entertainment. You can read more jokes here . 1. How do you feel it ? 2.  Don’t even think

पुलिस की पूछताछ

गली के कोने पर बहुत देर से खड़े एक आदमी को पुलिसवाले ने पकड़ लिया और पूछा– पुलिसवाला – तेरा नाम क्या है ? आदमी – शेर सिंह पुलिसवाला – बाप का नाम ? आदमी – शमशेर सिंह पुलिसवाला – कहाँ जा रहा है ? आदमी – शेरा

10 Very Funny Student Jokes

1. Kaash Mere Teacher Ki Soach Thomas Edison Jaisi Hoti… I am a Great Fan Of Thomas Edison, Because Of His Quote That, . . . . . Tomorrow Is My Exam But I Don’t Care…… . . Because A Single Sheet Of Paper Can Not Decide

Top 10 Tweets on Rohit Sharma’s 264 Runs Against Sri Lanka

Rohit Sharma scores a massive 264 against Sri Lanka today breaking his own previous records. He has also become the highest ODI scorer of the World. How Team India fans remain quite on this grand occasion, so, Twitter is flooded by the #RohitSharma tweets. We have chosen

Aajkal Ke Bacche (Part: 4)

Aajkal Ke Bacche… 3rd Class Ka Baccha Apni Miss Se Kehta Hai– ” Mai Apko Kesa Lagta Hun… ?? ” . Miss: So Sweet.. . Baccha: To Phir Mai Apne Mummy Papa Ko Aap Ke Ghar Kab Bheju.. ?? . Miss: Wo Kyu …?? . Bacha: Taki Wo

बस बंदर ही बंदर !

The people who will understand it, learn a great lesson! एक बार एक आदमी ने गांव वालों से कहा कि वह 100 रु. में एक बंदर खरीदेगा। यह सुनकर सभी गांव वाले नजदीकी जंगल की और दौड़ पड़े और वहां से बंदर पकड़-पकड़ कर 100 रु. में