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Funny Status On Relationship For Facebook And WhatsApp

Here I collected some very funny and entertaining status to show your relationship on Facebook and WhatsApp. I hope you like them. 1. In a relationship but we don’t know what we’re doing. 2. In an On, Off, On again type relationship. 3. Recently single and probably bitter. 4. …..

12 Signs That You Are In Love

Sure, there’s the butterflies that come when you first start seeing someone. But how do you know when lust turns to love? Here are 12 ways to know if you’ve really fallen for that special somebody. If you can say yes to every one, you know you’re

Girlfriend Ka Phone

Santa kay haath mein new phone dekhkar uske dost Banta ne poochha – Yeh tuune naya phone kab liya ?” Santa - “naya nahiin liya, girlfriend ka hai !” Banta - “girlfriend ka phone kyon le aaya ?” . . .

2 Messages From Girlfriend

Ek ladke ko uski girlfriend ne 2 baar message kiya… Dono hee baar ladke ko dil ka daura pada ! Ye rahe woh dono message – First Message – “Chalo ab break-up kar lete hain … sab kuchh khatm ho gaya hai !” Second Message –

5 incredible advantages of having a girlfriend

Having a girlfriend is a dream of every guy and I know, many of you work really hard to get one. However, there always have to be some shy and negative minded people, who think a girlfriend may be injurious to their health. Here I am going


संता - “क्या बताऊँ यार, सामने वाले मकान मे एक लड़की हर रोज़ खिड़की में से रुमाल हिलाती है पर खिड़की का शीशा कभी नही खोलती…!

Jyada knowledge nahi hai

लड़की - “मेरा फेसबुक पर एकाउंट बन सकता है क्या ?”

Chot Toh Nahi Pahunch Rahi – Hindi Joke

ठसाठस  भरी  बस में एक मनचला युवक अपने आगे खड़ी लड़की को बार-बार कोहनी से दबा रहा था.

Kya Khayal Hai ? – Premi Premika Hindi Joke

प्रेमिका – “जानू, हम लोग तीन साल से एक-दूसरे से प्यार करते हैं …एक दूसरे को समझते हैं ! अब  तुम्हारा शादी के बारे में क्या ख़याल है ?”