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16 Shocking pictures of Bollywood parties


You might get a bit shocked but these photos are just a sample of Bollywood parties, you may have not seen before. By looking at these pictures, you could just get a glimpse of such filmy gatherings and parties, and also could imagine that how decently your favourite Bollywood actors behave off the screen.

1. OK, let’s start with the King and the Queen 

Shocking Bollywood party pictures

2. Hmmm …. !

Shocking Bollywood pictures

3. But I can’t do a kissing scene on screen … understand ?

Shocking Bollywood photos

4. Nice pose ! … yeah !

Shocking celebrity photos


Shocking Bollywood parties

6. OK, don’t disturb them …. move on to next picture !

Bollywood celebrities kissing

7. Don’t you worry ! it’s just cold drink !

Shocking Bollywood pictures

8. Just enjoying chocolate …

Shocking Bollywood celebrity pictures

9.  I’m gonna make it large … WHOAAAA !

Bollywood actress drinking

10. Ummmm … !

Shocking Bollywood photos

11. She is a true art lover … By God !

Shocking Bollywood photos

12. Jhoom baraabar jhoom …

Shocking Bollywood photos

13. Maara thumka …

Shocking actress photos

14. Kaun saala tere ko daaru pilaaya …

Shocking bollywood photos

15. Bass … ek ghoont aur !

Bollywood celebrities drinking

16. My name is Ranveer …. Chingaaa !!!

Ranveer Singh partying

Via – Bhaskar

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