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Top IPL 2015 funny jokes, trolls and SMS


It’s 8th of April and Pepsi IPL 2015 is on with a new exciting cricketing season for us. Here on this page we have collected some very funny jokes, trolls and pics from the internet to make your IPL experience more spicy. Enjoy –

1. IPL Joke – Sholay team participates in IPL 2015

शोले की टीम ने IPL में हिस्सा लिया.

गब्बर के bowlers ने 20 overs में 350 रन दिए जिनमें से 200 रन extra थे.

पूछो क्यों ???

क्योंकि …

विकेटकीपर ठाकुर था … !!!

2. IPL is like ex-girlfriend

The IPL is like your ex-girlfriend. You never want to see her again, but you still check her Facebook status when no one is around.

3. Political parties IPL team names 

If political parties participate in IPL, the team names would be like …

BJP Bandits … 
Congress Cobras 
AAP Stingers …
CPI Cadres …
Trinamul Tigers …


4. Funny IPL SMS Joke 

EXAMs should be like IPL.  
Timing should be 1 Hour  
No Invigilator In Exam Hall for first 15 min  
Cheer Leaders Dance After Every Right Answer

5. Santa went to watch IPL match 

Security Guard :- Bhai, match is over … why are you still watching the pavallion ?

Santa :- I’m waiting for Highlights …

6. If IPL would be played in Pakistan

Facilities offered by PAK Government …

Security by Al-Quieda & Taliban

Cheer Gals Dance in Burkha

Bomb blast aftr evry Sixer.

7. IPL Funny picture

IPL 2015 jokes

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