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14 Damn perfectly clicked photos hard to believe are real

Here we’ve collected some more photos which are so perfectly timed that it would be hard for you to believe are real. And off course, we never forget the fun aspect of the content while choosing it to publish on our site, so rest assured that you will find these

Here is how God fulfils the wish

The God’s way of fulfilling the wish :-  भगवान: क्या चाहिए तुझे? भक्त : एक नौकरी, पैसो से भरा कमरा, सुकून की नींद और गर्मी से छुटकारा … . . . . . . . . भगवान : तथास्तु !!! (नीचे देखिये)  

Funny Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma Meme Joke

Anushka– Tum kese kar lete ho ye sab… Virat– Kya?? Anushka– Batting karte karte bhi mujhse online chat kaise kar lete ho tum? . . . Virat– (BC Rohit.. Ab maar khaega… Saala sudhrega nahi)

Funny answers Indian students have ever written in exams

Now a days students have chanced their arm with entertaining answers to exam questions to try and appeal to their teachers funny side. Till now, we’ve seen many Indian kids troll their teachers with incredibly witty answers in their exams and also their teachers reply with equally awesome

Best India Vs Australia Semifinal jokes and memes

So, you’re all set to cheer team India in the semi-final match against Australia tomorrow. Just to boost your spirit, I have collected some best funny jokes, trolls and memes  related to India Vs Australia semifinal match. Enjoy – 1. India ke tevar … Anushka ke Devar

Funny pics showing that only Indians can think this way

These pics are not only funny but also depict that we Indians think differently than rest of the world. You may rest assured as these funny images are going to bring a smile on your face for sure. Have a look – 1. Nobody can satisfy Indian

12 funny stupid pictures from various parts of India

These funny pictures are from various parts of India. In these pictures, you can see people doing stupid things, simply beyond the logic. So, have fun … 1. What a genious ? 2. Himmatwala ! 3. Foreign return Dentist ! 4. Jai ho … ! 5. Baba

Pakistan Vs Australia World Cup Quarter-final : 8 Hilarious memes

So, Pakistan has already lost the quarter-finals to Australia putting the full stop on the hopes of Pakistani Cricket fans and till now would have caught the flight to Islamabad. Here we’ve gone through some very funny and hilarious memes, summarizing Pakistan Vs Australia quarterfinal World Cup match, while

13 funny news headline pics of Hindi News Channels

Sometimes in a hurry to serve the news, or sometimes due to mistakes of news editors, news channels are caught showing funny breaking news headlines. Here on this page, we are presenting screenshots of some such confusing, ridiculous and funny news headlines of popular Hindi news channels like

Funny jokes comments on Cricket World Cup 2015

As India enters into the World Cup Semi-Finals with victory over Bangladesh, Twitter has flooded with amusing comments and jokes on #CWC2015. Here we’ve selected a few best ones for your entertainment – 1. Bangladesh did well. If England had played #CWC15 quarter-final today then India would have