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15 Photos Taken Seconds Before Disaster Strikes


OMG! What a perfect timing. Here I collected some perfectly timed photos taken right before disaster strikes. These pictures are hilarious, painful, terrifying, sometimes beautiful, here is a collection of moments that only a camera could capture. After seeing these pictures one thing I understand that when disaster strikes, photographers think that it’s important to take the picture of the people involved in the disaster rather to help them. Have a look on the pictures–

1. I Once Had This Moment Too


2. The Guy In The Pool Sees The Future


3. I Don’t Think This Taken Seconds Before Disaster. This is Taken During Disaster.


4. I Think Lady Said The Darmendra Dialouge (kutte mai tera khoon pee jaaunga)


5. Ouch… It Seems Like Uncle Also Use Dharmendra Diolouge…!!


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