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Funny Picture Jokes on India v/s Aus Test Series


For mostly every Indian cricket lover the day team India loses any match become the sad day of his life. If you tell that cricket is a religion in India then I say No. For me cricket is not a religion, it is bigger than religion we can say that cricket is Religion Plus (+), it is because religion bonds people but cricket bonds religion. India tour of Australia- As expected world champion lost the Border-Gavaskar Trophy today and that’s why every Indian cricket lover is sad but here the sadness is also double, because the match timing is 4’O clock in morning and for those who get up early to watch the live stream of match the sadness is double. May be they are very disappointed by team India performances. For those, here I collected some very funny hilarious picture jokes/memes based on India vs Australia test series 2014-2015. So, here I go-

1. I think Virat Kohli showing pictures of Anushka Sharma to Australian players.


2. Indian cricket team after the 3 test matches in Australia. By the end of the series, there won’t be the radio.


3. No one is scoring, Let me find some hot girls!


4. Team India back in form.. Khud 2 baar poori batting li aur Australia ko dedh baar khilaya…hahahahaha


5. LOL… SO True.


6. PK Impact: Mitchell Johnson to place Anushka’s pics on their cheeks to pacify Virat Kohli.


7. Namaskar, Mai Hoon Ishant Sharma… Ab Kya Joke Khatam… Haso BC !!




Hope you enjoy it. If these memes infest you… then do whatever you want man… I don’t care. Oops sorry.. take a chill pill. Have a good day.

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