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Funny jokes comments on Cricket World Cup 2015


As India enters into the World Cup Semi-Finals with victory over Bangladesh, Twitter has flooded with amusing comments and jokes on #CWC2015. Here we’ve selected a few best ones for your entertainment –

1. Bangladesh did well. If England had played #CWC15 quarter-final today then India would have scored 500 & bowled them out for 115 #INDvsBAN

2. Now we hope Pakistan to win against Aussies so that we get easy opponents in the Semis to face!

3. बांग्लादेशियों को शायद ये पता नहीं है की हमारे यहाँ 302 में तो फाँसी हो जाती है …

4. India has won. MITRON ! Put your hands up aur NAACHOOOOO.


5. Grandad is teaching Grandson a few lessons on Cricket. #INDvsBAN

6. Todays quarter final is between the Genuine Aadhar Card holders Vs. Fake Aadhar Card holders !!

7. Reason behind so many misfields by B’desh-
No intelligent B’deshi ever tries to spoil relations with India… Their 2nd home 😉

8. Ye world Cup nahi. Ye hain world vs India..

9. Anushka Sharma: Aaj Saiyan nahi toh Bhaiyya hi chal gaye.

10. क्वार्टर फाइनल में पहुँच कर बांग्लादेश ने दिल जीता और भारत ने उन्हें हराकर क्वार्टर पीने का मौका दिया …

11. Woh dekho Bangladesh ki Team jaa rahe hai Aeroplane se wapas. Unko bye bye Karo.


12. Bangladesh – before and after


And … following jokes are dedicated to Rohit Sharma …

1. Rohit Sharma ‘s talent is like black money. No one knows how much is there and when it will come.

2. There are Spiderman, Batman & Ironman.Then there is Rohit #Hitman

Rohit Sharma jokes

3. Rohit Sharma is Like a Chinese Product with No guarantee No warranty. Sometimes it fires, sometimes it misfire.

4. Rohit Sharma has recharged his account with 137 runs. Validity 5 matches, talk time-till the beginning of IPL. International roaming free.

Source – Twitter

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