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13 funny news headline pics of Hindi News Channels


Sometimes in a hurry to serve the news, or sometimes due to mistakes of news editors, news channels are caught showing funny breaking news headlines. Here on this page, we are presenting screenshots of some such confusing, ridiculous and funny news headlines of popular Hindi news channels like India TV, Aaj Tak, NDTV India, News24 etc.

1. Here is why we are so sure to win the World Cup 2015

Funny Breaking news on Hindi channel

2. Are you OK Mr. President ?

Funny news on TV

3. Chris Gayle might not like this …

Funny news on television

4. So sad … why did you leave sleeping on your bed ?

Ridiculous TV News

5. OK ! now tell the world about other 18 …

Very funny TV headline

6. Simply awesome …


7. This proves they are no different 


8. A news of national importance … truly !

Funny national importance news

9. Best of luck, Himesh ! We’ll miss you …!


10. Even tigers have love triangles !

Ridiculous tv news

11. Another news of international importance …

funny tv headlines

12. Now you can rest in peace … Finally !


13. Yeh to hadd hai yaar !


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  1. These all news are really ridiculous and funny and I have not seen this kind of news ever.

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