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Ad Placement Fail : 10 Funny Pictures From India


Placing it not at the right place just makes the advertising ridiculous. Here are 10 such fail pictures of advertisement placement from various parts of India, you are simply going to laugh at them.

1. SRK will straight go to the bathroom after seeing this
funny hoarding placement

2. Flood made this swimming pool ad really funny
Funny swimming pool Ad

3. Funny movie poster placement
Funny movie poster

4. Coca-Cola Ad placement fail
Cold drink advertisement funny

5. Just do it !
Funny placement

6. Advertisement displayed on IRCTC website made it funny
Website Advertising fail

7. Funny appearance of Good Day biscuit advertisement in the newspaper
Funny Newspaper ad placement

8. Absolutely wrong place to put this advertisement
Wrong Ad placement

9. Really amusing
Really amusing

10. The Big Billion Day fight
The fight

(All images are curated from : dailymoss)

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