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Funny One-liners written behind the trucks in India (15 photos)


In India, its hard to find a truck that does not have something funny and humorous line written on it’s back. When you read these messages,  you can’t help smiling. Here is a compilation of 15 such very funny, humorous and witty one-liners, that can be seen most often on the backside of Indian trucks –

 1. Rani bana ke rakhna, Raja bana duungi
Funny one-liners on trucks

2. Zara kam pi meri rani, bahut menhaga hai iraq ka pani
humorous lines behind trucks

3. Buri nazar wale, nasbandi kara le
humorous lines on Indian trucks

4.  Hans mat pagli, pyar ho jayega
truck one liners

5. Malik mahaan hai par chamcho se pareshan hai
funny lines on trucks

6.  Ya pass kar ya bardasht kar
witty liners on trucks

7.  Do not falow me, I am sunami
Funny one-liners on trucks

8. Kisi ki amanat dekh kar hairan na ho, Bhagwan tujhe bhi dega pareshan na ho 
Funny lines on truck

9. Chalti hai gaadi to udti hai dhul, jalte hain dushman to khilte hain phool
humorous truck one-liners

10. Jyada khayegi to moti ho jayegi
Very funny line on a truck

11. Latak mat patak duungi
funny one liners trucks

12. No girlfriend no tension
Witty lines on trucks

13. Use diaper at nite
Very funny line found on a truck

14. Dheere chaloge to bar-bar milenge, tez chaloge to Haridwar milenge
Very humorous message behind a truck

Desi message on truck

I hope you’ve liked the above funny messages written on Indian trucks. I will try to post some more like these in some future post.

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