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The 14 Super Funny Cricket Pictures and Memes


Cricket is not only the No. 1 sport but also No. 1 source of entertainment in India. From youngsters to senior citizens, everyone just love cricket. Here I’ve collected some funny cricket pictures and memes from the internet which will not only entertain you, but I am sure will make you ROFL. Enjoy –

1. De Ghuma ke – Funny Cricket moment photo
funny cricket pictures

2.  African players ready to bat
funny cricket pics

3. Harbhajan Singh – Suresh Raina re-creating Titanic pose 
funny cricketers photos

4. Close enough – Very funny 
funny cricket memes

5. Perfect Cricket pitch and ground
cricket in a tank

6. So what ? Men will be men …
Cricketers looking at girl funny photo

7. Ready to bat like a boss 
Cricketer dressed funny

8. Please Mr. Umpire ! I just want his autograph …
Dog watching cricket funny photo

9. Galli Cricket – A very common scene of Indian streets 
Galli cricket funny picture

10. Like the above pic, this is also a cricket jugaad
Cricket jugaad photo funny

11. The car of a die-hard Cricket fan
funny cricket car photo

12. Rahul Dravid – The Wall of Indian Cricket
Rahul Dravid funny meme

13. Looks like twins – separated in Kumbh Mela
Funny cricket photo meme

14. Bahut dino se bhookha huun !!!
Yuvraj singh in funny mood

(All images are from – Google Images)

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