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20 Funniest Alia Bhatt jokes, trolls, memes to make you LOL


Alia Bhatt is on the top of the celebrities upon whom most jokes are made. The fun made upon her is so popular that there is a dedicated page on Facebook just to publish Alia Bhatt trolls and memes, having Lakhs of followers.

Here are some funniest jokes and memes made upon her –

1. Alia Bhatt watching IPL 
Funny Alia Bhatt meme

2. Once Alia Bhatt was watching footbaal….

Alia :- ye log football ko kyon maar rahe hain ?

Friend :- Goal karne ke liye …

Alia :- pahle hi to gol hai ! Aur kitni gol karenge ?

3. Alia Bhatt telling the score …
Funny Alia Bhatt pics

4. Who is ‘No one’ ?

5. Alia doesn’t need fans … She has AC !

6. Because there was “Housefull” !
Best Alia Bhat Jokes

7. Alia gives credit to …

8. Its all because of your Six !
Funny Alia Bhatt trolls

9. Who else ?

10. Who said, Alia is dumb ?
Alia is not dumb

11. Believe me, she is not so dumb …

12. Press any key to continue … LOL !

13. When Bill asked about her favourite Microsoft product …
Bill Gates and Alia Bhatt

14. The reason, why Alia could not see ‘Chennai Express’ !
Alia Bhat jokes very funny

15. When she went for shopping …
Alia doing shopping

16. Funny Alia Bhat Joke :

Siddhu :- Alia, have you heard about Don Bradman ?

Alia :- Sorry, I am not interested in the underworld …

17.  (This joke is epic)

If Alia marries to some Walia, her name would be … Alia Walia

If Alia marries to some Mallya, her name would be … Alia Mallya

And, If Alia marries to Virat Kohli, her name would be … Gaalia Bhatt

18. She hates maths …
Funny Alia Bhatt trolls

19. Answer bole toh ….
Alia's brain

20. Agree ?

(Source : fb.com/DumbAlia)

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