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10 Funniest Desi Indian Meme Jokes


Memes are the new way of saying something in the humorous way. Here I have collected 10 all time best Indian memes for your amusement. Enjoy …

1.  Escalators … Troubling Indian aunties since 1903

Escalators funny

2.  Son does not study … I must have done something bad in my previous life

Indian mother's grief

3. Indian politician … Pointing in random directions since 1947

Indian politics funny

4.  Successfully booked tickets in IRCTC …

Succeeded in booking a railway ticket

5. No parking zone …

No parking

6. Superhuman … Pilot gives a thumbs up ! Soldier sees it from the ground … 4000 feet below !


7. While shopping for RA-ONE online …

Online shopping

8.  My day is FANtastic …

Howz your day ?

9. The dream of every Indian women …

The dream of desi women

10. My love life … I’m the guy in blue !

My love life



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