10 Funny arguments of Indian parents to get their son/daughter agreed for...

10 Funny arguments of Indian parents to get their son/daughter agreed for marriage


To see their son/daughter getting married is the ultimate wish of almost all Indian parents. But as the new generation becoming more and more career-centric, keeping marriage on lower prioriy, it is really getting harder for parents to convince their sons/daughters for a timely marriage. Arguing on this topic becomes a daily routine in the family.

Below is a list of  some funny arguments related to this, which are often used by Indian parents while convincing their son/daughter for marriage –

1. Jaipur wale Sharmaji ki beti itni khoobsoorat hai ki kya kahuun ? Beta, mai baat chalaauun kya ?

Indian parents arguments - 1


2. Raipur wale Varma uncle ka beta Doctor ban gaya hai ? Aise rishtey baar-baar nahi miltey beti !

Indian parents arguments - 2


3. Koi chakkar-wakkar ho toh bhool jaao … Tumhaari shaadi toh hamaari marzi se hi hogi !

Indian parents arguements -4


4. Padhai poori ho gai ! Naukri bhi mil gai ! Ab aakhir shaadi ke alawa aur karne ko rah kya gaya hai ?

Indian parents arguments - 3


5. Kya saari zindagi hamari hii chhati par baithe rahne ka iraada hai ? Jaanti hai, teri saheli Neeta ke toh 2 bachche bhi ho gaye !

Funny arguments of Indian parents-5


6. Jab hum tumhari umra ke they toh 3-3 bachchon ke maa-baap ban gaye they ! Aakhir tum kya budhaape mein Shaadi karoge ?

Indian parents arguments


7.  Tum Shaadi nahi karoge toh tumhare chhote bhai-bahino kee shaadiyan kaise hongi ? Tumhe unki koi chinta hai ki nahi ?

Indian parents arguements


8.  Toh kya mai pote-potiyon ka munh dekhe bina hi mar jaaoongi ?

Funny arguments by Indian parents - 8


9. Yeh tumhare Dadaji / Nanaji kee aakhiri ichchha hai ! Unki khatir shaadi kar lo beta !

Indian parents arguments


10.  Log tere barey mein tarah-tarah kee baaten karte hain beta ! Ek baar shaadi karke sabka munh band kar de na !

Indian parents arguments - 10

There may be lots of more funny and interesting arguments which I couldn’t remember right now. However, If you find any, please  post in the comments.