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Funny Picture Jokes
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What does India produce more of ?

A question on Yahoo Answers website - "What does India produce more of ?" The answer to this, is a hilarious one -

Criminal of the year

A car thief steals another car to make his court date - 
The dream of desi women

10 Funniest Desi Indian Meme Jokes

Memes are the new way of saying something in the humorous way. Here I have collected 10 all time best Indian memes for your...
Funny hotel name

10 Crazy Photos of things only Indians can do (funny pics)

Just have a look on below pictures and you'll believe that these crazy things you see are possible only in India. 1. Funny school advertisement 2. Here...
Innovative Bike handle

8 Funny Bike Riding Pictures

Bike riding is a fun for most of us. Here I have collected some funny moments of bike riding from various sources. I am...

How to make tea using Java

Here is how you can make tea using Java ...
speed limit 20 kmph

10 funny sign boards found in India

दुनिया में हर जगह चाहे दुकान हो, मकान हो, ऑफिस हो, पार्क हो या अन्य कोई भी जगह हो, कोई न कोई sign board...

Two ways for ultimate happiness in life

जीवन में प्रसन्न रहने के दो बेजोड़ उपाय - 

Need more visitors

"When I die, I want my grave to offer free Wi-Fi so that people visit it more often."  

Virus Scan (funny pic)

How to scan your laptop for  viruses ? ...  . Ha Ha Ha !!!