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Funny Jokes on How to Irritate Someone


If you want to irritate someone like your friends and as well as an unknown person then don’t worry we are with you. Here I collected some very hilarious jokes on funny conversations between two persons. These are too funny and I’m sure these jokes will make you rolling on the floor laughing.

1. Height of Prank Call

Hello pooja hai…?


To karwa lo… Jai Mata Di !!!!

2. Height of Irritating Someone

Boy- Pen hai ??
Girl- Nahi..

Thodi der baad..

Boy- Pen hai ??
Girl- Bola na nahi hai..

Boy- Pen hai pen ??
Girl- Nahi hai kaminey, aur abki bar pucha
to hathode se sar phod dungi…

Kuch der baad…

Boy- Hathoda hai kya..???
Girl- Nahi..
Boy- Accha.. to phir pen hai pen..???

3. Fridge Hai??

A guy calls an unknown number..

Guy- Fridge hai?
Reply- Haan hai…

Guy- Chalta hai?
Reply- Haan chalta hai..

Guy- Toh pakad ke rakhna, warna bhaag jaayega..

And he hangs up.. After a while, he calls up again..
Guy- Fridge hai?

This time the person’s really angry.
Reply: Nahi hai..



Guy- Kahaan se hoga.. Bola tha na pakad ke rakhna varna bhaag jaayega..!!

4. Heart Melting Love Story

Boy: I can’t marry u…
My family is totally against it.

Girl: Who r they 2 stop u??




Boy: My wife & 2 kids.

5. Aur Batao??

Teacher- How many planets are there?
Santa- Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, vagerah, vagerah…

Teacher- Aur batao?


Santa- Aur bas…. sab badhiya!!! Ekdum
Mata raani ki kripa….
Aap sunao…??

6. One more Height of Prank Call

Hello Popatlal hai?
Nahi…. Hangs up

After some time again
Hello Popatlal hai?
Bola na nahi hai…. Hangs up

And again
Hello Popatlal hai?
Nahi hai mere baap…. Hangs up

And one more time..

Hello Popatlal hai?
Haan hai bol, kya chahiye??

chal hat,
jhut mat bol,

Popat green hota hai..

7. Roshni Hai Kya??

Phone rings…

Tring tring

Boy- Hello, Roshni hai kya….???

Girl- Nahi….

Boy- toh candle jala na pagal..!


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