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Funny Facebook/WhatsApp Chat Between Boy And Girl


Hello guys, today i present some very funny and hilarious chat demos between boys and girls that shows why boys get blocked on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Why boys get blocked on Facebook and WhatsApp ?? Here’s the reason, read it slowly.

1. Boy: Whats your Name ??

Girl: Palak and you..

Boy: Paneer !!


2. Girl: Hello i am khusbu…

Boy: Khusbu ka dusra naam bharosa agarbati,
kone kone me khusbu faila de….!


3. Girl: Tu Soya Hai ??

Boy: Nahi…. Mungfali hoon…

*Gets Blocked Instantly*

4. Girl: I’m free tommorow!

Boy: Pehle kya paid thi??


5. Girl: Have a Good Day….

Boy: No thank you…
I like Parle-G more…!!


6. Boy: Thank you

Girl: My pleasure

Boy: My Bajaj Pulsar.

*Reported as Spam*
*Blocked Forever*

7. Girl: See ya!

Boy: Var Ram Chandar ki jai


8. Boy: Aaj mausam achha hai mall chalte hai…

Girl: Waha kya karenge??

Boy: Hawan karenge, hawan karenge.


9. She: What’s your name?

He: Jitendra; You can call me Jeet.

She: Toh Jeet, where are you from?

He: Darr Ke Aage…


10. She: Your place or mine?

Me: Mine mein agar dhamaka ho gaya toh?


11. Girl: Wait Please…

Boy: 62 Killo..!!


12. Girl: Hiii

Boy: Hello Aunty !!

*Blocked For Life*

*Reported As Spam*

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