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Funny Images
Funny viral photos, pictures, images of the internet and social media.


Engineering Students Vs Maggi

इंजीनियरिंग students से अच्छी तो मैगी है, . . एक साल के अन्दर सारे tests, जिनमें फ़ैल हुई थी, पास कर लिए !!

How married men get ready for a party

This is how men get ready for a party, once they get married.

बड़ी क़ातिल हैं तेरी जुल्फें (Funny Picture)

Jaan Leva in true sense ... Courtesy : Facebook

Dog Practising Yoga – Funny Pic

Dog is doing Yoga more perfectly than humans - 

First day of school – Funny Picture

First day of school of an Indian boy - 

Very artistic

Very artistic undergarment print ....

Funny fact about 1 rupee coin

Funny fact about 1 rupee coin - 

Aaj IPL ka last match hai

Aj IPL ka last match hai ... kal se fir "sooryavansham" !

When Facebook Girlfriend Uploads Her Original Picture

That moment, when your Facebook Girl-Friend uploaded her original picture ... (Funny Image)

Kaali Mirch Agar Gori Hoti Toh

KAALI Mirch - Rs. 1000/- mein 1 Kilo ... . . Socho, agar GORI hoti to kitna bhaav khati ... ???