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In Jokes : AAP-Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal


Since its inception, Aam Aadmi Party has been on the target of joke makers. And not only AAP, but its founder Arvind Kejriwal is probably also one of those Indian leaders, upon whom most numbers of jokes are made.

Here we’ve curated a few best ones from such funny AAP and Kejriwal Jokes for your amusement –

1. WiFi and Jhadu

AAP Jokes Hindi

Ab ye kisne afwah failayi hai
Jhadu k pass mobile le jane se thoda thoda wi-fi pakad raha hai…

2. Free Wi-Fi and Achchhe Din

Modi to Kejriwal – Free Wi-Fi kab se chaluu hoga?
Kejriwal – Bas ‘Acche din’ aate hi…

3. From Congress to AAP (this one is really superb)


4. WiFi Password

Kejriwal: Wifi free denge poori delhi mein.

Sisodia: Bahut kharcha ayega!!!

Kejriwal : Wifi ka password kisi ko nai denge ji.

5. A WhatsApp message after Delhi elections – 

“Jhaddoo to vacuum cleaner nikla”

6. And this one message is also awesome – 

“AAP…. IIT’s best startup so far !!!”. Agree ???

7. And a killer one … 

“Rakhi Sawant-  the ‘Arvind Kejriwal’ of Bollywood.”

8. After “Chai pe Charcha with NaMo” here comes   “Cough Syrup with Kejrwal”

AAP Jokes

9. When Kejriwal was born, the doctor rushed to his Dad and said “Badhai Ho Aam Aadmi Hua Hai”.

10. Kejriwal holds the world record for using the word ‘Corruption’.

11. Kejrival can’t play cricket because he is common man, not gentle man.

12. Kejrival is so honest that he pay money for breaking traffic rule, even though traffic police is absent.

13. In response to

BJP’s “Chai pe Charcha with Modi”…

Congress has decided to organize “Bournvita pe Baaten with Pappu-G”,


AAP has decided to organize “Cough-Syrup pe Khich-Khich with Kejriwal”!!!

14. Arvind Kejriwal : 

IIT in first attempt,
IRS in first attempt,
CM in first attempt..

Apni to Activa bhi nahi start hoti pehli baar me.

15. Kejriwal asks for proof against Sheila Dixit, BJP gives CD of his own speeches.

Source(s) :- Twitter.com, Quora.com

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