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When Rahul Gandhi went for a job inverview


After the grand defeat of Congress in Lok Sabha Elections 2014, Rahul Gandhi decided to say bye-bye to the politics and uploaded his resume on job sites to find a suitable job . Soon he got a response from a company and called for an interview. Here is how he responded to the questions of the interviewer-

1. Rahul Gandhi going for the interview with the blessings of his mother …


2. Feeling relaxed when interviewer assured that keeping his experience in mind, he will ask only the questions related to the Indian politics…


3. First question  – “How many seats Congress Party won in the Lok Sabha elections 2014 ?” (Rahul Gandhi – “sigh !!!”)


4. Second question – “Who is the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha ?” (Rahul Gandhi – “…..”)


5. Third question – “Who is the Prime Minister of India ?” (Rahul Gandhi – “#!?@%&…”)


6. Fourth question  – “What do you think is the root cause of defeat of Congress in LS elections  ?” (Rahul Gandhi – “Oyeeeee… !”)


7. (Rahul Gandhi : “Who ??? Who the hell has told you to ask these questions …?)


8. Interviewer : Sorry… Rahulji … he…he is …



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Disclaimer : Above article is just for fun only. It has nothing to do with any real incident.

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