Hilarious Jokes/Trolls/Memes of AAP Winning Over BJP And Congress

Hilarious Jokes/Trolls/Memes of AAP Winning Over BJP And Congress


Delhi election is an example of what happens when an engineering student takes re-exam seriously. Yoo friends its again KejriRaaj in Delhi. It is an dream and historic victory for Arvind Kejriwal, AAP has won Delhi election with very huge margin and it’s big defeat for BJP as well as Congress. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party swept the election, leaving just three seats for its main rival BJP and none for the Congress.

Hilarious Jokes/Trolls/Memes of AAP Winning Over BJP And Congress

1. Now Kiran Bedi’s condition is like that girl who left her boyfriend because he is jobless and goes away to another man… and after sometime the same boy becomes UPSC topper. Inke sath toh Lolwa hui gawa…


2. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
बहुत कम लोग जानते है की आज AAP ने दिल्ली में जो इतिहास रचा है वो इतिहास उसी इंक से लिखी गई है जो उनपर नव महीने पहले बनारस में फेकी गई थी ।।।


3. Modi Ji: Hello Kejriwal Ji Mere Paas 3 Seat Hai Kya Kru??
Kejriwal Ji: OLX Hai Ji… Bech Do !!


4. The first false promise of Kejriwal… He said he will stop rape in Delhi and now look what he has done to BJP and Congress. LOL… Here Tom and Jerry shows the complete story of Delhi election results.


5. BJP- Congress mukt bharat
AAP- BJP mukt Delhi… hehhehe ROFL.


6. It seems Modi wave is a China product.. OVER in 9 month only.


7. I think yesterday was not Teddy Bear Day it was Bedi Tear Day.


8. An auto is enough to reach Delhi Assembly for all the winning candidates of BJP. Even Tata Nano has more seats that BJP won in Delhi elections.


9. Delhi ke auto wale bhi congress se zyada seat laate hain.

CONG: 0, AUTO: 3

कुमार विश्वास: चल मजे लेते है
केजरीवाल: क्या मतलब
कुमार विश्वास: सोनिया गांधी को फोन लगाते है पूछ समर्थन देगी क्या!!

Teacher in a Nursery class: Beta one ke pehle kya aata hai..
Baccha : madam Congress… hehehhe


10. This one is for all Modi Lovers— Definitely, Narendra Modi Ji Is Doing Great Work. But The Results Will Take Time In Trickling Down To The Masses..Agree??

अपनी जीत का इतना गुमान न कर बेखबर, शहर मे तेरी जीत से ज्यादा मेरी हार के चर्चे हैं ~ नरेंद्र मोदी



Ab ye afwa kisne failayi, Ki Dhoni iss World Cup mein Helmet ki jagah Muffler pehen kar khelega…hahahaha LOL


If I Was Arvind Kejriwal, Then My Dad Would’ve Asked “Baki Ke 3 Seats Kyu Nahi Aaye”. That’s all guys. Here Gustakhi Maaf congratulate AAP on this historical victory. And if you have any troll or meme to share then feel free to share in comments section below.

(Disclaimer :- The pictures and jokes used in this article are collected from the internet / Social sites.)