After query on Ganga, BJP MPs thinking to ask more such questions...

After query on Ganga, BJP MPs thinking to ask more such questions in the parliament


Encouraged by a Loksabha question about Ganga, which was asked by a BJP MP, some more BJP members are thinking to ask such type of questions in the parliament.

MP asked question about the origin of the Ganga in Loksabha
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Following are the 10 possible questions that may be asked by the BJP MPs in the coming days –

1. Who had started Satyanarayan Brat Katha ? On which day it should be performed ? What are the benefits of doing Satyanarayan Brat ?

2. Why keeping  Karva Chauth fast is necessary for women ? What actions will Government take against the women not keeping it ?

3. People who do not go for Char Dham Yaatra are sent to which Naraka ? Is there any procedure to provide legal aid to such people ?

4. Who had lifted the Govardhan mountain on his finger ? What are the benefits of visiting Govardhan Parvat ?

5. How many Swargas and Narakas are there in the world ? Give the current population status of the both (if possible) ?

6. Who was the first owner of the Pushpak Vimana ? Let the house know about the current position of it i.e. who owns it now and what is its condition ?

7. Who had invented Brahmastra ? How disastrous was it ?  When will we going to replace our Atom Bombs with Brahmastras ?

8. What Punyas should a person do to get the company of Apsaras like Urvashi and Menka in the Swarga ?

9. What are the benefits of feeding a cow with a bread daily ? People who beat the cow with a stick are sent to which Naraka ?

And one Maananeeya, who is fond of watching Hindi movies is planning to ask this question in the Loksabha –

10. What is the name of Amitabh Bachchan’s father ? Which city does he belong to ?


(Disclaimer :- The above article is a work of fiction and written solely for the purpose of satire. It has nothing to do with any real incident.)