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How Sonia Gandhi Manages To Keep NaMo Out of Media Focus (Pictures)


Sonia Gandhi seems a bit annoyed as the Aam Aadmi started settling down in Delhi for a while, and the media started focusing on Narendra Modi again (What else the poor media fellows can do ? They are well aware that how hard it is to engage a viewer in News when ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ is being repeatedly broadcasted on other channel !).

So, to save the country from getting into the hands of “Sampradaayik Shaktiyan” and also to save the Congress from getting into depression, how Sonia Gandhi managed it to put all the media attention in a direction she desired ? Understand the whole story through pictures –








And the action starts ….





And thus, the media got a full time job for 10 days …


 By – Gustakhi Maaf

Disclaimer : The above article is a work of fiction and written solely for the purpose of entertainment. Please do not resemble it with any real incident or person.

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  1. Accused ? Vanquished ? Anarchist ?

    After AAP withdrew its Dharna last evening , panelists / analysts / journalists ( – and anyone who got invited by TV anchors ) , were busy pronouncing :

    > Murder of Democratic Processes

    > Ignominious Defeat

    > Shameful Withdrawal

    > Face-saving Formula

    > Renegade Retreat

    > State – sponsored Anarchy

    > Lawmakers taking law into own hands

    > Why don’t Somnath go on long leave ?

    > Eating Crow / humble pie

    > Arrogance Unlimited

    > Unbridled Activism

    > Goodbye to Governance

    > Footpath Cabinet

    > Shameless Selfishness

    > Rabble Rousing Ruffians

    > Climb-down / Compromise

    No one asked ,

    ” How do you categorize the following incidences from Independent India’s
    history ? ”

    > Imposition of Emergency by Indira Gandhi

    > State – tolerated Delhi murders of 1984

    > Demolition of Babri Masjid

    > Asking Indian Army to revolt

    > State – sponsored Bundhs

    > Fake encounters in every state

    > Moral policing

    > Khap Panchayat rulings of honour – killing

    > Fearful Fatwas

    > Police Atrocities

    > Political Rallies bringing traffic to halt

    The list can go on and on

    All the past and the present governments ( Central and States ) have been guilty of , one or more , of the above – mentioned ” illegal ” crimes !

    Only difference between them and the current AAP government in Delhi is :

    AAP has the moral courage to openly admit that it will continue with its agitations / protests / dharnas / activism , even as it continues in power !

    A very refreshing candor !

    For the common men ( Aam Aadmi ) , this unconventional approach of AAP is their last ray of hope that things can be changed democratically

    But it seems , the Corrupt / Criminal / Callous politicians don’t like this democratic approach !

    They seem to be telling AAP – and the people :

    > Don’t shout slogans and sing patriotic songs on the streets

    > Stop protesting

    > We don’t understand your polite requests

    > Only language we understand is the gun-sounds of Naxalites

    What these power-hungry politicians forget is that , thousands of our fore-fathers sacrificed their lives to the bullets of the British , to win freedom

    And , win the right to vote !

    In 2014 , people of India don’t need to pick -up guns to change government

    They don’t need to pull a trigger

    They only need to press a tiny button on the Voting Machine

    A button marked with a broom ( a Jhadu ) !

    After 66 years of ruling / ruining this country , it is possible that the Satraps of Congress and BJP , cannot see the approaching Tsunami called AAP , which will sweep them into the dustbin of history – come April 2014 !

    Wake up , People of India !

    2014 is your ” tryst with the destiny ” !

    * hemen parekh ( 22 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

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