As you guys are aware that  the theft of U.P. Minister Azam Khan’s buffaloes became a national news on the Indian media recently. U.P. police left no stone unturned to search the buffaloes, but in vain. Finally buffaloes returned as mysteriously as they were stolen. However, Gustakhi Maaf  tried to imagine the story behind the walls, which is being presented in pictures here. Enjoy … !

Azam Khan reacts on the news of buffalo theft

Akhilesh Yadav orders for buffalo search


Police unable to find traces of buffaloes

Mulayam Singh giving his opinion to Azam Khan

Modi clarifies his situation

Meanwhile, in Delhi …
Sonia and Manmohan want to help Mulayam Singh

Mulayam gets upset with the name of CBI

News hungry media quickly spreads the news

Azam Khan's buffaloes questioned ..

Surprised Azam Khan asks Mulayam Singh..

By : Gustakhi Maaf

Disclaimer : The above article is a work of fiction and written solely for the purpose of entertainment. Please do not resemble it with any real incident or person.

(Photo Credit : Google Images)

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