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7 weird Indian Laws you may wonder exist


In many countries of the world, there exists some old weird laws which are not only ridiculous but absurd in context of present social scenerio. Our India is no exception as we also have many such laws in the country which make no sense. Most of such laws are broken across the country equally by illiterate to highly educated peoples as nobody knows so nobody cares. That is why Prime Minister Modi told to form a committee to yank such useless laws from the law books. Here is a list of 7 most weird Indian laws you may wonder why they exist –

1. You need a permit to fly a kite


Yes, it is illegal in India to fly a kite without proper permission. According to the Indian Aircraft Act 1934 you are required to obtain a permission from the authorities to fly a kite. Be careful next time.

2. Drink water and use washrooms for free in any Hotel


According to a more than 100 year old right, you can saunter into any hotel and drink water, use washrooms for free. Glad to know ? Yes !

3. Brush your teeth properly if you need a job of Motor Vehicles Inspector in Andhra Pradesh


No matter how qualified you are, you can be disqualified for the job of Motor Vehicles Inspector in A.P., if you don’t have beautiful teeth.  Huh !

4.  Delhites have to beat drums while locusts attack


According to a law issued by the East Punjab Agricultural Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds Act, 1949, if you are a resident of Delhi than you can be called any time to beat drums on the streets if there is an attack of locusts on the city. In case of not following the law you may be charged with a fine of Rs. 50 or could be jailed for at least 10 days.

5. If you find Rs. 10 or more on the road, you need to inform to Collector


There is a Treasure Trove Act 1878 in Indian Law, according to which you need to inform the Collector, if you find anything worth Rs. 10 or more. Not doing so may lead to fine or jail.

6. Different drinking age in different states


The age of consuming alcohol varies state by state in India. For example, you are eligible to drink in Goa at 18, but in Maharashtra you must be 25 years or older.

7. Adultery is a crime, but the man alone will be punished


According to the Section 497 of Indian Penal Code, adultery is a crime for which only man shall be punished but not the woman.


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