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9 Funny things you can enjoy only if you are single


Living single is not generally considered a good way to live, especially in our country. People with partners often feel pity on singles, despite of their own considerably miserable lives.

But, the truth is somewhat different. Actually, being single has its own benefits they could never understand. If you’re a single, you’ll love to keep your status as it is, after reading these 9 reasons (The list can be longer, however, I settled only for 9) –

1. Flirt without fear


As you have nobody to keep a watch on you, flirting becomes more enjoyable thing for you than others. You can feel free to flirt like a lion with anyone at any place and at any time. Even you can stare at your beautiful neighbour as much time as you like without any fear of being caught from inside your home.

2. Feel the true pleasure of drinking


Forget drinking at noisy bars and roadside Dhabas when you can drink right into your room watching TV. And off course, you can oblige your friends too by providing space to drink.

3. Wear whatever outfits you like


Why care about the world ? Just keep the attitude – “its my life …” or “Meri Marji…”

4. Save water


Only a single can understand the joy of skipping the bathe for 2-3 days or longer. After all, when nobody is there to smell, why not save the water in nation’s interest ?

 5. Arrive home any time


This is the pain of all married people (especially men) to reach home by time or be prepared to listen harsh dialogues. As a single, you can easily enter into your home even at 2 AM. Peacefully ! Even drunk !

6. Do whatever you want on social media


So, no restrictions apply on your social media activities – you can post whatever you like, video chat with anyone and can keep your status according to your wish.

7.  No need to remember any dates


As a single, you don’t need to remember any birthdays or anniversaries. You are allowed to forget your own birthday too ! Huh ! Why celebrate once in a year when I can everyday !

8. You control yourself


You are the final authority who decide your  timetable  – when to sleep, when to wake up, when to eat and whatever… And the other day you can change it from the scratch. No partner, no questions !

9. No fight for Remote control


The TV remote will remain all yours forever.  You can watch the cricket match or WTF you like without any interruption.

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