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7 Best humanity moments from all around the world


Everyday when we read newspaper or watch TV, the world seems to be full of cheaters, looters and murderers. In fact, the world is not so bad at all. Actually we are forced to think so because media mainly puts all its focus on negative type of news. In reality, there always happen many incidents around the world which shows the bright side of human nature – “Humanity”. Unfortunately most of them remain unheard and unseen.

Here are some pictures collected from the internet, in which you’ll see some of the best humanity moments

1. Nigerian boys rescuing a sheep from sea waters

Best Humanity Moments of rescuing a sheep
Rescuing a sheep
Sheep rescued

2. Man rescuing puppies from a flood

puppies rescued from flood

3. An Afghan offering tea to soldiers


4. Australian Car company fulfilled a disabled kid’s dream

disabled boy's dream fulfilled

5. Boys rescued a dog who had fallen into a ravine

boys rescued the dog

6. During a protest in Brazil a general said – “Do not fight, please, not on my birthday …”. And then a group of protesters made a surprise for him

faith in humanity

7. Indian cop gifted clothes to homeless girl (Salute)

Indian cop gifted clothes to poor girl

I’m sure these pictures will restore your faith in humanity.

Source : Quora

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