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10 Things That Only Friends Can Do


Friends – They do stupid things, make silly faces and say stupid things which brings smile on our faces. Friendship is the part of our life that plays a big role in our happiness and friends are the only one whom we give the freedom to fool around with. Here I collected a list of 10 things that only friends can do. Hope you enjoy the article as much i enjoyed while writing it.

1. Friends can eat your lunch even without telling you.


If you think that you will hide your lunch and eat alone then it’s your misunderstanding, because they often live four steps ahead of you. ” Mai toh kai baar taste bhi nii kr pata tha, saale first period me hi kha jaate the “ – Personal Experience.

2. They have no shame in asking for clothing-footwear.


The friends don’t wanna go to the shop to buy some stuff for themselves. They always like to wear your clothes or shoes. ” Bhai tera blazzer chahiye, party me jana h… Dho ke rakhio “.

3. They found more fun by snatching food from your hand.


Friends don’t take tension of buying food. They found more fun by snatching food from your hand to enjoy eating. Girlfriend buy you a lunch but Friends eat your lunch. ” Chinnker khane se pyar bdta h naa bhai “.

4. They think that its our duty to recharge their cell phone.


Their habit is to say to recharge. These friends are shameless, they have a habit to get your money is to recharge their phone. That’s why they call you to recharge their phone again and again without any shame. “Bhai mere number pe jaldi se 50 kaa balance dalwa dio… urgent hai”

5. Friend Uses your things without asking.


If you call them in your room or at home, they seem to be used your things without your permission and even you can not wishing to stop them. ” Oye, ye painting tune banayi hai?? Mast hai bhai…. Chal ab mai iska thoda make up krta hoon “.

6. They can fight with anyone for you.


Friends are brothers because they are always willing to fight with anyone on your single voice. ” Bhai tu khali naam bata… kaat ke rakh denge saale ko “.

7. Friends call you up at midnight without any hesitation.


These guys are not bothered about the time, whenever they miss you they call you, even at 3 O’clock in night. ” Bhai neend nii aa rii soacha tujhse baat hi kar loon “.

8. I need some money, IMMEDIATELY.


They do not take the trouble to ask for money from home. ” Bhai teri bhabhi ko gift dena hai… thode paise chahiye “.

9. They always fall in love with your girlfriend’s friend.


If you have a girlfriend and her friend is single, then it is confirmed that your friend’s heart falling in love with her and then they say to you- brother do something your brother is in love. ” Bhai teri wali se bol naa ki meri bhi setting krane ko “.

10. They cares of you and stays with you in every situation.


If you are on a date, then your friend is the guy who cares of your attendance. Whether you’re in joy or in sorrow, they are always with you. ” Bhai hai tu apna… tere liye to jaan bhi de doon “

True friendship is when you walk into their house and your WiFi connects automatically. ” Jo tera hai wo mera hai, jo mera hai wo tera “.

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