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20 Mind blowing facts about India you may not know


You may have known a lot about India, but trust me, there is still a lot left to know about our great country. Just have a look at these mind-blowing facts –

1. India’s road network is long enough to loop around earth over 117 times.

2. About Rs 2,500 crore worth of hair is bought and sold in India.

3. India has won all Kabbadi World Cups to date both in Men’s and Women’s category.

4. VA Shiva Ayyadurai- the founder of software named “EMAIL” which is used in modern day for sending data’s.

5. Highest no. of candidates from one assembly seat, i.e. 1033 candidates contesting on Modakurichi assembly constituency in Tamil Nadu in 1996.

6. ‘Nghah lou dawr’ shop, which means shops without attendants are common along the highway, approximately 65 kilometers Aizawl. The shop owners leave their shops open for their customers passing the highway to pick up their requirement.

The customers want to buy something, weigh and pay the amount according to the rate into the money box kept there, and that’s it.

7. The Free Kitchen (Langar) at the Golden Temple Feeds up to 100,000 People a Day for Free.

8. There are around 3,00,000 mosques in India which is more than any country of world .

9. India won 8 Olympic Gold medals in Hockey. In Olympic Games we played 48 games and won all of them.

10. A polling booth was setup in the remote village of Banej, far into the Gir forests of Gujarat, for a single voter. Other such polling stations – Marambo polling booth, Dibang Valley district and Upper Mudoideep, Changlang had 3 voters each, while Malogam in Anjaw and Sikaridong in West Kameng had 4 voters each. Lamta, East Kameng district:5, Matkrong, Anjaw and Dharampur-II, Changlang district:7, Punli booth:9. (all in Arunachal Pradesh).

11. India’s first rocket was brought on cycle and a satellite on bullock cart.

12. Security at Tihar jail is managed by Tamil Nadu special police force.

13. India was the first country in the world to produce steel.

14. India has a very high illiterate population, but it also has the most number of universities in the world.

15. The Cuttack Police has about 1000 pigeons that are used to deliver messages quickly to desolate areas in the hills. The messages are put in little containers tied to the pigeons’ feet.

16. India consumes about half of the world’s whiskey.

17. There were no plastic bags in India before 1985.

18. There are cities called Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras in India and in the United States.

1. Delhi, Louisiana
2. Bombay Beach, California
3. Calcutta, Ohio
4. Madras, Oregon

19. There is a town in UP named “Snapdeal.com nagar“.


In June 2011, Shiv Nagar, a village located in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh State, was renamed SnapDeal.com Nagar , after Snapdeal had installed 15 hand pumps so that villagers no longer have to walk for miles to fetch drinking water.

20. Mumbai we see now was actually group of 7 islands. All the islands were joined by a massive landfill work over a long time(century).

Source :- Quora


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