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Flop XI of World Cup 2015- Great Boast, Little Roast


So far too many players set new records in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Players like Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, Brendon McCullum, AB de Villiers, Mohammed Shami, Maxwell, David Warner, etc already performed according to their strength (name). Whereas there are also several top players whom looks like to be a big thing in this world cup before the tournament started, but now they could not performed well. 30 matches played so far and in these matches the role of some top players is like ‘Great Boast, Little Roast’. So these players have mad a all new Flop Eleven Team of World Cup 2015.

Top players not performing well in World Cup 2015 so far

1. Quinton de Kock


The South African opener has scored just 21 runs in five innings. Performance in World Cup 2015 so far–

  • Zimbabwe- 07 run
  • India- 01 run
  • West Indies- 12 run
  • Ireland- 01 run
  • Pakistan- 0 run

2. Rohit Sharma




The first batsman in world history put two centuries in ODIs. Performance in World Cup 2015 so far–

  • Pakistan- 15 run
  • South Africa- 0 run
  • UAE- 57 run
  • West Indies- 07 run

3. Dwayne Smith


The West Indies opener did not do well in the tournament. Performance in World Cup 2015 so far–

  • Ireland- 18 run
  • Pakistan- 23 run
  • Zimbabwe- 0 run
  • South Africa- 31 run
  • India- 06 run

4. Eoin Morgan


The England team caption could not do well on the field. His Performance in World Cup 2015 so far–

  • Australia- 0 Run
  • New Zealand- 17 Run
  • Scotland- 46 Run
  • Sri Lanka- 27 Run

5. Ross Taylor


New Zealand’s senior player Ross Taylor not yet played a big inning in the tournament, which is definitely not at all correspond to his name. His Performance in World Cup 2015 so far–

  • Sri Lanka- 14 Run
  • Scotland- 09 Run
  • England- 5* Run
  • Australia- 01 Run

6. Shane Watson


One of the most experienced Australian batsman Shane Watson is the only player in the tournament who was dropped from team so far. He is still struggling to perform well with both bat and ball. His Performance in World Cup 2015–

  • England- 0 Run
  • New Zealand- 23 Run

7. Younis Khan

Image Source- www.gettyimages.com
Image Source- www.gettyimages.com

Pakistan’s senior player Younis Khan scored just 43 runs in World Cup 2015 so far–

  • India- 06 Run
  • West Indies- 0 Run
  • South Africa- 37 Run

8. Shahid Afridi


Shahid Afridi, one of the world’s best hitter not yet played a big inning in the tournament. His performance in World Cup 2015–

  • India- 22 Run
  • West Indies- 28 Run
  • Zimbabwe- 0 Run
  • UAE- 21* Run
  • South Africa- 22 Run

9. Umar Akmal


Another name from the Pakistan Team for the Flop XI of World Cup 2015. Along with batting Akmal also didn’t do well in wicket-keeping.

  • India- 0 Run
  • West Indies- 59 Run
  • Zimbabwe- 33 Run
  • UAE- 19 Run
  • South Africa- 13 Run

10. Stuart Broad


The England bowler is going through a very bad form of his career. His performance in World Cup so far–

  • Australia- 2 Wicket
  • New Zealand- 0 Wicket
  • Scotland- 0 Wicket
  • Sri Lanka- 0 Wicket

11. Jason Holder


The main bowler of West Indies Jason Holder is out of form. However he scored two half centuries but its not his work, he is completely fail in bowling. His performance in World Cup 2015 so far–

  • Ireland- o Wicket
  • Pakistan- 1 Wicket
  • Zimbabwe- 3 Wicket
  • South Africa- 1 Wicket
  • India- 0 Wicket

So this is our Flop XI, if you guys have any name to listed in this Flop XI team then please feel free to share in the comment section below. Thanks.

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