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When they were young : Old photos of Indian celebrities


Find out how did they look in the past and how do look now ? Below are the ‘Then & Now’ photographs of some famous Indian celebrities like Alok Nath, Arvind Kejriwal, LK Advani, Yuvraj singh, Asha Bhonsle, Sonia Gandhi, Amrish Puri, AB Bajpai and others.

1. Lal Krishna Advani – Too old to recognise

LK Advani old photo

2. Young Alok Nath – Looking sanskari …
Alok Nath old photo

3. Amrish Puri – You look better as old, Mogambo !
Amrish Puri old photo

4. Anupam Kher – So, once upon a time you have hair on your head … good !
Anupam Kher old photo

5. A.R. Rehman – Made for music
AR Rehman old photo

6. Asha Bhonsle – The voice of Bollywood heroines
Asha Bhonsle

7.  Atal Bihari Bajpai – One of the greatest leaders of India
Atal Bihari Bajpai old photo

8. Bappi Lahiri – OOO LA LA LA !
Bappi Lahiri old photo

9. Gulzar 
Gulzar old photo

10. Arvind Kejriwal – The news maker of our times
Arvind Kejriwal old photo

11. Lata Mangeshkar – The magical voice
Lata Mangeshakar old photo

12. Narendra Modi – Our Prime Minister
Narendra Modi old photo

13. Ravi Shastri – The ever young man
Ravi Shastri old photos

14. Sonia Gandhi – Congress President
Sonia Gandhi old photo

15. Yuvraj Singh – Having camera sense since childhood
Yuvraj Singh old photo

 (All images are taken from – Google)


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