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11 Amazingly Creative Ad-Posters Made for Social Causes


These are the advertising posters, in which  you can see creativity at its best. The posters are made for social causes like quit smoking, drive safely, stop pollution etc. What’s the best about them is, these ad-posters seem to be succeeded in conveying the message very effectively, for what they are created.  Let’s have a look at them –

1. Deforestation kills more than just trees.
Creative ad posters

2. Women need to be seen as equal.
Poster made for women equality

3. You can’t afford to be slow in an emergency.
An ad-poster made for environment

4. A Very impressive poster made for ‘Save Girl Child’ campaign
Ad-Poster to save girl child

5. The earth is not made for humans only – Dispose your waste properly
Save birds

6. Avoid calling to someone who is driving 
Let them drive safely

7. What polluting the air is like …
Ad poster to stop air pollution

8. You need to keep an eye on your child’s smartphone
Smartphone abuse

9. Another very creative Ad – Poster made to stop deforestation
Stop deforestation Advertisement

10. Do not talk while driving …
Drive safely Poster

11. And, if you do not quit smoking, very soon it will be … The End. 
Quit smoking Ad poster


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