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10 Posters Showing How Precious the Girls Are to Our Society


Girls are precious. No one other can do what they can for the society. These 10 very cute and lovely posters created for #Save_Girl_Child campaign nicely show that why we need a girl child –

1. Because, we can’t have any idea about the rituals of our festivals – 
Save Girl child posters

2. Because, we all need atleast one crazy friend who can crack Rajnikant jokes anytime
save girl child posters

3. Because, for a son you will need a woman too
Save girl child posters

4. Because, men are not enough for our security
Save girl child

5. Because, science will be incomplete without them
Why we need girls posters

6. Because, only a heroine can also get us hoked on to the whole movie
Importance of girls in our society

7. Because, it is always better to have more nightingales than a single one
Why girl child important for society

8. Because, without our sister there is no place to keep our secrets safe
Save girl child posters

9. Because, without mom we can’t be even able to tie up our shoe laces
Save girl child

10. Because, without our grandmother our childhood wouldn’t be so beautiful ever
Why we need more girls

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