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7 Qualities of Successful People that Average Person Don’t have


People who think success is a matter of destiny or fate or God-gift are actually the persons who are heading towards an unsuccessful life. In fact success has no relation with destiny or fate. It is just the sweet outcome of keeping good habits and qualities in yourself. If you have read about the successful persons, you may have found that they  all have  some qualities common in them. Having or not having these qualities in yourself is the deciding factor to what you are going to be in your life – a successful person or an unsuccessful person. Here is the list of 7 best qualities and habits which almost all successful people have but average people don’t –

1. Self- awareness

Successful persons have a strong sense of self-awareness. They recognize the things they are best in and this helps them to go forward with confidence to perform in the way they want. On the other hand, unsuccessful people are always uncertain about the things they can do. They find themselves to  be fit anywhere which leads them to a life they don’t have control upon.

2. Decision making

People who get success in their life, make quick and decisive decisions.  Average persons keep thinking for a long time and as a result  focus on the goal gets diverted. On the other hand, if a decision needs to be changed, successful persons think properly and make a note of mistakes to not to be repeated in future while average person seems to be in a hurry to get rid of such decision. They don’t even want to remember their mistakes. This tendency makes their future decisions vulnerable to repeat the same mistakes.

3. Listening Carefully

One of the most prominent quality almost all successful people on the earth have in common is being a good listener. When you are listening carefully to others, you are actually learning something new. Unsuccessful people mostly believe in  ‘I know everything” or ‘I don’t care about this’ type of approach in their life. Such type of people  can be easily seen taking a nap or talking to each other during speeches or conversations, no matter how important the speaker and the speech are. Same in the person to person conversation, an average person always tries to speak much and listen less while a successful person tries to speak less but listen more.

4. Give credit to others

A good habit of successful people is giving credit to others for whatever they accomplish. Also, they don’t hesitate in taking responsibility for their failures. On the other hand, unsuccessful people always try to steal credit even for the things done by others and blame other people for their own failures.

5. Love to Change

Changes are essential in the path of success. If you don’t adopt changes, you won’t succeed.  Successful people never have fear with changes, instead love to try new things and take risks in life. Average persons always try to stay in the boundaries of their safe zone.

6. Facing the problem

If you are in life, you are in problem. However, attitude towards the problems differs person to person. Some of us face the problem with bravery and wisely, while others only search the ways to escape. Needless to say, successful persons are the ones who face the problem and find out a solution.

7. Understanding the value of time

For an average person, gold or diamonds may be the precious things  but for a successful person, time is the most valuable thing of the life. It is your way of using the time which decides your future.  It’s a fact that your success or unsuccess depends very much on how you spend your time. If you  always look for breaks during the work, you should rest assured that you’re not going to achieve anything remarkable in your life.

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The qualities or say, habits, I mentioned above are the essentials any person need to adopt in his/her life to ride the ladder of success. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to become a successful person in life. And always remember, success is not a destination; success is a journey, a process which continues as long as you work hard, adopting best qualities and habits in your life, like other successful people of the world.

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